Ibanez TSA15H

Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer Guitar Amplifier Head
Ibanez’s Tube Screamer TS9 foot pedal is regarded as one of the best pedals ever. Now, thanks to the Ibanez TSA15H, you don’t have to have both a tube amplifier and an overdrive pedal for those typical warm, overdriven tones. The TSA15H has been pre-wired with a modified Tube Screamer TS9 circuit, giving you the same great tones without having to mess with a foot pedal.
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Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

Looked at by many as one of the best Marshall’s ever made, the JCM 2000 DSL50 was unsurprisingly also one of the best selling Marshall amplifiers ever produced. The Marshall DSL50 is a 50 Watt amp with two footswitchable channels: Classic and Ultra. It has a pure tube signal path and is ran on four ECC83 Pre-Amp Tubes and two EL34 Power Amp Tubes.
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Sovtek Mig 50

Sovtek is most-widely known for making amplifier tubes, but they had their hand in amplifiers, too. The Russian-made Sovtek Mig-50 is a 50-Watt amplifier head with a two channels. Each channel it’s own set of volume controls. As for tone control, there is the typical three-band EQ of treble, middle, and bass, as well as a presence control.

The all-tube Sovtek Mig-50 runs off of three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power tubes. Between the tubes and controls, some compare the Mig 50 with a Fender Bassman, but many call it the “Russian Marshall”, making it a great fit for those who play anything from blues to alternative to full-on rock. This simple yet versatile amp has two speaker outputs and will play at 4, 8, or 16-Ohms.
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Marshall JCM 600

The Marshall JCM600 is an all-tube, 60-Watt amplifier that gives you the classic Marshall sound, but comes stacked with all the features of a modern amplifier. This allows you to play with that distinctive Marshall tone but with the versatility of multiple amps in one. The JCM600 not only comes in head form, but also a (JCM601) 1×12 combo and a (JCM602) 2×12 combo.
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Laney GH50L

The GH50L is a 50-watt head that can play everything from crisp cleans to crazy saturated distortion. The GH50L nails the classic hard rock sounds with sharp pick attack. It has Class A/B power and gets its sound from three ECC83 Preamp tubes and two EL34 Power tubes. A bias switch is standard on the GH50L, which allows you to use 6L6s if you prefer.
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