Carvin Legacy VL 100

Carvin’s Legacy Series guitar amplifier, the VL100, has been named appropriately, considering the guitarist’s help that they had in making this 100-Watt amp. World re-known guitarist Steve Vai helped Carvin create an amplifier with incredible sound. The VL100 is a two-channel amp head that is powered from four EL34 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes. The all-tube amp has a bias switch, however, so you can also run the amp on 5881s or 6L6GCs. The combination of EL34s and 12AX7s give you a wide range in tone, including buttery cleans to raunchy gains.

Both the Clean channel and the Lead channel have their own Volume, Presence, and 3-Band EQ controls. The Lead channel also has a Drive control. A Master Reverb control has been added, as well. A switch on the back panel allows you to run the VL100 on only two power tubes, making it a 50-watt head for a little less volume without sacrificing your tube saturation for tone.

An effects loop has been added to the rear panel, as well as a footswitch jack. An impedance switch gives you a wide range of speaker cabinet options. The impedance switch used on the VL100 lets you play through 4, 8, and 16-Ohm cabs.

The Carvin Legacy series not only has the VL100, but also a 2×12 Combo option. The VL212 is set up exactly like the VL100, but is set on top of two twelve-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Both models are hand crafted with 7-ply poplar wood, has metal corners, and covered with black vinyl.

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Carvin Legacy VL 100 Reviews

  1. Rock N Roll on 12.23.2009

    This amp has great tube breakup, and creamy distortion. These are amazing amps for the money. Carvin also has great customer service if you need it.

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