Carvin V3 100 Watt

If you are looking for an innovative, versatile amplifier that is well constructed, the Carvin V3 is for you. The V3 is a three channel amplifier that can be played at either a 50 or 100-watt output. Its all-tube signal gives you a pure tone that ranges from a nice, warm clean to an incredible crunch and scorching leads, allowing you to play nearly any genre of music with one amp.

The sole fact that there are three channels isn’t what makes the Carvin V3 so versatile, it’s all of the controls that come with each channel. Channels 1 and 2 are for overdrive, and each has its own set of controls. A three-way toggle lets you choose from three “drive” modes, Thick, Classic, and Intense, and a Drive knob lets you further control the amount of drive that you want. Thick gives you a thick low-end and crazy highs, and Intense gives you the most gain and sustain.

Channel 3 is meant for cleans, but with the controls that it has, you can still get plenty of distortion. Channel 3, like the others, has a three-way toggle and a Drive knob. The toggle switch on the clean channel lets you choose from Bright, Classic, and Soak. Bright gives the preamp more high-ends, and Soak completely boosts the preamp.

Each channel has the standard Treble, Mid, and Bass controls, plus an EQX toggle. This lets you pick between Standard and Expanded Equalization, which gives you more Treble and Bass range. A Presence control knob has been added to each channel, which gives you an extra boost.

As far as master controls, there are Volume, Boost, Bright, Mid Cut, and Deep. The Boost knob is a volume boost that will give you up to nine extra decibels. Bright boosts your highs, Mid Cut tweaks your mids even more, and Deep increases your low frequencies. Also in the Master section are two Smart Loops. These allow you to save your master and individual settings for each channel, and recall them when you switch to that channel.

The Carvin V3 is a superior amp producing tones reminiscent of Soldano but at a much lower working man’s price tag. If you need versatility, reliability, and amazing tones, the Carvin V3 has it all.

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Carvin V3 100 Demo

Carvin V3 100 Watt Reviews

  1. JP on 10.07.2010

    This clip rocks! Just bought a V3 and can’t wait to get my hands on it after watching this!!

  2. Ryan on 11.16.2010

    This amp kicks, Ive played the V3 fairly often, and I recommend it to any one. No verb on the amp, but its got everything and more for tone. Hopefully if you are looking into buying an amp you are looking for your own set up aside and no on board effects. Great sample above, way to lay it down for those small time folks.

  3. Billy Pumphrey on 06.21.2011

    Thank you for the review. I am looking at this amp!

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