Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

Looked at by many as one of the best Marshall’s ever made, the JCM 2000 DSL50 was unsurprisingly also one of the best selling Marshall amplifiers ever produced. The Marshall DSL50 is a 50 Watt amp with two footswitchable channels: Classic and Ultra. It has a pure tube signal path and is ran on four ECC83 Pre-Amp Tubes and two EL34 Power Amp Tubes.
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Marshall JCM 600

The Marshall JCM600 is an all-tube, 60-Watt amplifier that gives you the classic Marshall sound, but comes stacked with all the features of a modern amplifier. This allows you to play with that distinctive Marshall tone but with the versatility of multiple amps in one. The JCM600 not only comes in head form, but also a (JCM601) 1×12 combo and a (JCM602) 2×12 combo.
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Marshall 1987x MK II Reissue Head

The Marshall 1987X is a guitar amplifier that is a part of Marshall Amplification’s Vintage Series. This re-issue is a two-channel, 50-Watt guitar amp that has its own nice, warm tone. Marshall tried to keep the “vintage Marshall” look by using fittings and hardware that are as close to originals as possible. A switchable Series Effects Loop with a true bypass has been added due to the high demand for effects. It was designed not to mess with your tone, and the bypass switch allows you to remove the loop all together.
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Marshall Haze 15 Watt Head

Marshall Haze 15 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

The Marshall Haze is a 15-Watt amplifier head that also goes by the names Haze15 and MHZ15. Three ECC83 Preamp Tubes and two 6V6 Power Tubes are used in the Haze, giving you a hard-hitting all-tube sound. The rear panel has outputs for both 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm speaker cabs, giving you a wide range of cab choices. A two-way footswitch comes standard with this head, allowing you to switch channels and toggle the effects section with ease.
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Marshall JCM 800 2203KK

Marshall’s 2203KK is a 100-Watt head that is part of their Signature Series. The 2203KK is a JCM800 that has been tweaked by Kerry King of the band Slayer. When the JCM800 2203 originally came out in 1981, King took it upon himself to add some modifications. His sound became incredibly popular, and so Marshall created a Kerry King Signature Series, the 2203KK.
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