Engl Fireball 60 Watt

Engl Fireball 60 60W Tube Guitar Amp Head BlackThe Engl Fireball is a fire breathing 2 channel no frills monster. Designed for heavy rock and metal, it also produces beautiful sparkling clean tones. The preamp consists of 2 channels, clean and lead voiced by 3 ECC83 tubes. The 3 band, (Bass, Mids, And Treble), EQ allows excellent overall tonal control. The Fireball also boasts a presence control, a bright switch, a depth switch, and two master volume controls for each channel. The class A/B power amp is driven by 26L6GC and an ECC83.

Straight forward and simple design with raw tone and a very usable 60 watts make this amp amazing for it’s price range. Don’t be fooled by the 60 watts, it’s plenty loud for most gigging. And like all tube amps, the louder the better, however it still sounds reasonably well at bedroom volumes. Metal heads everywhere are loving this amp!

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Engl Fireball 60 Watt Reviews

  1. Luis on 05.04.2011

    Good Tone! Show your amp setting!

  2. Uncle Jason on 04.10.2012

    Nice tones here man. Can you post the EQ settings you think sound best with this amp? I’m using the POD HD500’s Angel Fire (modeled after the Fireball) and I really like the tones I’m getting but just trying to tweak them so they sound better in my overall mixes (I’m using the HD to record direct). I realize it’s not the same as playing through a real ENGL amp…
    Thanks man

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