Fender Super Champ XD

Fender Super Champ XD Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier
The Fender Super-Champ XD is part of Fender’s Vintage Modified Amps Series. The vintage Fender Champ has been modified to give players a wide variety of tones in a single amplifier that has simple-to-use controls and a classic style. It is a 15-watt, two-channel amplifier with Class AB power. The Super-Champ XD uses one 12AX7 pre-amp tube and two 6V6 power tubes, but the solid-state overdrive and distortion eliminate many of the problems that can come with using a preamp tube.

The Super-Champ XD has eight control knobs that help you dial in the perfect tone that you’re looking for. There are two volume controls, as well as Gain, Treble, and Bass controls. There are two knobs for effects: FX Select and FX Level. A Voice control also allows you to choose from sixteen preamp “voices”. Between having Class AB power, being a hybrid tube/solid state amp, and having the effects and voicing controls, the Super-Champ XD gives guitarists a range of tone that can be used for everything from blues, country, jazz, rock, or metal.

The Super Champ’s 16 DSP effects are as follows: Vibratone Slow; Vibratone Fast; Delay 130ms; Delay 300ms; Delay 450ms; Large Room Reverb; Concert Hall Reverb; Classic Fender Spring Reverb; Reverb+Delay; Fast Chorus; Deep Chorus; Chorus+Delay; Chorus+Reverb; Tremolo Low Speed; Tremolo Medium Speed; Tremolo High Speed.

This amplifier comes standard with one ten-inch Special Design speaker that plays at 8-ohms. An external speaker jack is available, however, if you prefer to play out of another cabinet. The amplifier is 17.5 inches wide, 15 inches tall, 9 inches deep, and weighs 24 pounds. It is protected by a textured black vinyl covering and has chrome hardware. A 2-button footswitch is available for channel selecting and turning effects on or off, but it does not come standard with the amplifier.

Like all Fenders, the Super Champ XD is reliable and loud, which makes it a great option for smaller gigs and club playing. Since it is very capable of a wide range of tones, it easily allows you to play a variety of different music genres. Perfect for those of you who play in cover bands. Did we mention the Fender Super Champ XD is super affordable too?

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