Laney GH50L

The GH50L is a 50-watt head that can play everything from crisp cleans to crazy saturated distortion. The GH50L nails the classic hard rock sounds with sharp pick attack. It has Class A/B power and gets its sound from three ECC83 Preamp tubes and two EL34 Power tubes. A bias switch is standard on the GH50L, which allows you to use 6L6s if you prefer.

This single-channel amplifier has a front panel with Lo and Hi input jacks and easy-to-use controls. It utilizes a typical three-band equalization of Treble, Mid, and Bass, as well as Volume, Presence, Gain, and Drive. A Resonance switch is also available for you to use. The Laney GH50L has a valve-coupled effects loop with a return level.

Laney made the GH50L with their GS412IA and GS412IS cabinets, but knowing everyone has their own preferences, the amp can run four different speaker outputs, 1×16 ohm, 2×16 ohm, 1×8 ohm and 2×8 ohm configurations. Multiple slave jacks have been added, too, so you can run multiple heads together.

The Laney GH50L is loud, reliable and for someone who is looking for a set number of great tones. These heads are huge on frills, comparable to a Marshall JCM 800 2204, not producing a huge range of tones, but great for the straight forward rock player looking for classic rock and metal sounds. Of course with the gain dialed back, the amp can produce great blues tones or even country twang on clean.

Overall, the Laney GH50L is a great head for the money. Serious touring musicians and weekend warriors alike respect and use the GH50L. Leave your review and comments on the Laney GH50L below!

Laney GH50L Demo

Laney GH50L Reviews

  1. Richard Ormond on 12.16.2010

    Really great sound. For the money its a bargain! A lot of money can be spent trying to get vintage sounds from vintage amps, but here we have some great tone at friendly prices. Good stuff…………..

  2. Pot bellied stallion on 07.01.2012

    I just traded a Marshall jcm 900 model 4100 head with 1961a marshall cab for a LANEY GH50L head & GS412V cab. The cab read 25 ohms( it had a bad board) so i rewired it to 16 ohms removed the two input jack board and replaced with single mono jack. The cab has HH invader 50 watt 16 ohm speakers.

    Best trade i ever made the JCM 900 SUCKED BIG TIME!!!!!
    I am using HBE Germainia treble booster & Boss ge 7 eq Just so i can get my own tone the amp does not need them just my preference.

    I have owned marshall 1959 too loud, 2203 just not my tone ,1987 too loud , 5150 hiss not good enough cleans, soldano ok too much money,fender just won’t do what i want it to do ect..
    I CHOOSE LANEY because it has better tone over all and does not break the bank.

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