Marshall 1987x MK II Reissue Head

The Marshall 1987X is a guitar amplifier that is a part of Marshall Amplification’s Vintage Series. This re-issue is a two-channel, 50-Watt guitar amp that has its own nice, warm tone. Marshall tried to keep the “vintage Marshall” look by using fittings and hardware that are as close to originals as possible. A switchable Series Effects Loop with a true bypass has been added due to the high demand for effects. It was designed not to mess with your tone, and the bypass switch allows you to remove the loop all together.

As for the sound and power that the Marshall 1987X puts out, three ECC83 Preamp Tubes and two EL34 Power Tubes run this bad boy, giving you that sought after Marshall tone. A three-band EQ of Bass, Middle, and Treble are present on the front panel of this amp, as well as controls for Presence, High Treble Loudness 1, and Normal Loudness 2.

The Presence Control increases frequencies, and therefore bite. The High Treble Loudness 1 knob controls the output level of Channel 1, and has a higher treble level than Channel 2. The Normal Loudness 2 knob controls the overall output of Channel 2, which has a normal response. While the 1987X has only two channels, each channel has two input jacks. Each channel has an input for a lower sensitivity, and an input for normal sensitivity.

Marshall 1987x MK II Demo

Marshall 1987x MK II Reissue Head Reviews

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