Marshall Haze 15 Watt Head

Marshall Haze 15 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

The Marshall Haze is a 15-Watt amplifier head that also goes by the names Haze15 and MHZ15. Three ECC83 Preamp Tubes and two 6V6 Power Tubes are used in the Haze, giving you a hard-hitting all-tube sound. The rear panel has outputs for both 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm speaker cabs, giving you a wide range of cab choices. A two-way footswitch comes standard with this head, allowing you to switch channels and toggle the effects section with ease.

This Marshall head has two channels, Normal and Overdrive, making it versatile enough for many genres. The Normal channel is dedicated to incredibly clean tones, but if you turn the Normal Volume up, the tubes naturally increase the amount of bite. A Bright button has been installed in order to increase sparkle and edge. The Overdrive channel is of course for your higher gain tones. While the Normal channel only has a Volume knob, the Overdrive channel has Volume and Gain knobs.

The Haze 15 has a global three-band EQ of Bass, Middle, and Treble, as well as an Effects section. The Effects section consists of a Echo, Vibe, and Chorus toggle, as well as knobs for Adjust, Effect Depth, and Reverb. An important part of this section is the fact that it will automatically store your current effect settings for the channel that you are playing. A true bypass has been added, also, to preserve your tone when using the effects.

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