Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

Looked at by many as one of the best Marshall’s ever made, the JCM 2000 DSL50 was unsurprisingly also one of the best selling Marshall amplifiers ever produced. The Marshall DSL50 is a 50 Watt amp with two footswitchable channels: Classic and Ultra. It has a pure tube signal path and is ran on four ECC83 Pre-Amp Tubes and two EL34 Power Amp Tubes.

Each of the two channels has two separate and distinct modes. The Classic channel has Clean and Crunch, and the Ultra channel has Lead 1 and Lead 2. Each channel also has its own Volume, Reverb, and Gain control. A Tone Shift switch is available to get rid of the mids, and a Deep switch gives a tight boost to the lower end.

In addition to the DSL50’s four modes and localized controls, there is also a global equalization that includes Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass. This quad-EQ together with the channel-specific controls, mixture of tubes, and the Series FX loop give the JCM 2000 DSL50 an incredible amount of versatility that nearly anyone can use.

This Marshall is one of the most versatile amps they have produced. The DSL clean tones can achieve nice chimey cleans to dirty blues, while the gain produced by this beast can nail classic rock all the way to shredding metal. Like most tube Marshall amps, the JCM 2000 DSL 50 is loud enough for most any gigging guitar player able to easily fill a fairly large venue. Beautiful tones, Marshall name, great price, we give it an A+.

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