Mesa Boogie Mark V

Mesa’s Mark V guitar amplifier is so versatile, that it’s like having three amplifiers in one. It has the patented Simul-Class Power, allowing you to play through either Class A or Class A/B power, or even a mix of the two. This gives you both vintage and modern sounding tones from the same amplifier. The Mark V also has a patented Multi-Watt system, letting you choose from 90, 45, or 10-Watt outputs.

The Mesa Mark V lets you go even further in choosing your own base sound, thanks to a bias select switch. The amp comes standard with four 6L6 power tubes, but you can get a more “British” sound by switching them out for four EL34s, then flipping the bias switch. As for tubes, the Mark V comes with a whopping seven 12AX7 preamp tubes, and one 5U4 rectifier tube.

Three distinctly different channels are available on the Mesa Mark V, and they each have three modes. Channel 1 is the default channel, with Clean, Fat, and Tweed modes. It also has a Normal/Bold switch. Channel 2 is comprised of the Edge, Crunch, and Mark I modes, and has a Normal/Thick switch, while Channel 3 has Mark IIC+, Mark IV, and Extreme modes and Normal/Bright and Pentode/Triode switches. Each channel has assigned controls for Treble, Mid, and Bass, Gain, Presence, Volume, and Contour Depth, as well as Reverb Control and Rectifier Tracking.

A global 5-band graphic EQ has been standard on all Mark Series amps since the 1970s. The Mark V is no different. While the three band EQ is available on each channel, the 5-band graphic EQ comes in at the end, allowing you to tweak the final tone.

The Mesa Boogie Mark V has a true bypass switch that lets you eliminate any annoying buzzing that can accompany typical effects. Other features include two 8-Ohm and two 4-Ohm speaker outputs, a 1/4” tuner output, a slave output, and slave level control. The tuner output has a Silent Tuning feature that lets you tune your guitar silently, with just the tap of a button on the footswitch. The slave controls are to be used when connecting to processing racks or additional amps. This feature keeps your sound in tact.

So, if you are looking for an extremely versatile all tube head, able to reach most any tone and play most any gig, the Mesa Boogie Mark V has you covered.

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Mesa Boogie Mark V Demo

Mesa Boogie Mark V Reviews

  1. The midgit metalhead from Israel on 08.17.2010

    hey guys i just wanted to say you totally rock with the reviews and the high gain sound clip sounds so good i think i’m gonna buy this amp.

    the guitar player who did the video is on fire!! he’s so good!! who’s this guy?

  2. admin on 08.18.2010

    Thank you! We’re guitar and amp junkies that wanted a good review and demo site that all of us guitar lovers can use over and over and find useful, so I built one!

  3. hotliks40 on 03.04.2012

    Myself, I dont think it says much for the amp the way it sounds…lots of gain but thats about it…more of a demo of the guitar player than the amp itself…

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