Peavey Windsor Head

Peavey’s Windsor head is a 100-Watt guitar amplifier with a single channel. It uses three 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and four EL34 power tubes, and can be run on either Class A or Class A/B power. Most amplifiers use one type of power, but Peavey has patented a Texture knob that allows you to push Class A power, Class A/B power, or a mixture of both. This feature lets you get both vintage and modern tones out of the same amplifier with the simple twist of a knob.

The Windsor may only have one channel, but the amp is still very versatile. For one, it has both a Low Gain Input and a High Gain Input. It also has a Preamp Volume knob, allowing you to increase the gain. A three-band EQ is standard, as well as Peavey’s Resonance and Presence controls. A Master Volume is also present. This combination of controls gives you a wide range of tonal possibilities.

There are two features that are accessible by the footswitch. An effects loop has been wired in to the front panel of the Windsor, unlike most amps that have it in the rear panel. This effects loop can be turned off or on by using the footswitch. A gain boost can also be toggled with the footswitch.

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  1. Gordon smith on 05.04.2011

    Do you sell amps that can run on batteries?

  2. admin on 05.04.2011

    Gordon, you should check out the Roland Micro-Cube or a Pignose 7100. Thanks for the question!

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