PRS Sweet 16

PRS doesn’t only produce amazing guitars, but also a great line of amplifiers. Their Sweet 16 is a simple, one-channel amplifier that packs a wide variety of sound, and gets its name from its uncommon output of 16-watts. The Sweet 16 lives up to the PRS standard also, this amp can sing!

The Sweet 16 has a combination of two 6V6 power tubes and three different types of preamp tubes: two 12AT7s, one ECC83S, and one 12AX7. This combination maximizes both the clean tones and the crunchy gains, and at all volumes. The power tubes have been cathode-biased in a push-pull, nearly Class A configuration, further enriching the tones at all volumes.

Controlling your tone is easy with the seven control knobs and switches that line the front panel of this great-looking amp. A standard three-band EQ is present on the Sweet 16, as well as Reverb and Volume. The Volume knob can be used to get a wide range of cleans, and then you can use your Master Volume knob to really turn up the sound. Lastly, a Bright switch is available if you need that extra boost.

PRS is known for making gorgeous reliable guitars, so their amplifiers are no different. The circuit boards have been hand-wired, shielded cables have been used in the important signal paths, and the jacks, pots, power tube sockets, and switches have all been mounted to the chassis and connected by flying leads.

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