Soldano Hot Rod 50 Plus

Soldano Hot Rod 50 Plus 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head BlackSoldano’s Hot Rod 50 Plus is a versatile 50-watt amplifier. It is run on 5881 Power Tubes, and has the sound to prove it. You have a global control panel consisting of Presence, Treble, Mids, Bass, and Depth, so you can tweak it as much or as little as you want to get the perfect tone. A speaker impedance switch, slave output with level control, tube-buffered serial effects loop, and a channel-switching footswitch are also ready to be used.

The HR50plus’ two channels make this amp the amp of choice for any genre, but especially rockers. The Normal Channel is the clean channel. It has its own Volume and Pre-Amp controls, so you can achieve great, bright clean tones at lower Pre-Amp levels, or crunchy tones at the higher end, and at any volume. The Overdrive Channel has much higher gain. It, too, has its own Volume and Pre-Amp dials. At the lower end, you can start where the Normal Channel left off, or you can crank up the dial and have an enormous amount of bite.

The Hot Rod 50 Plus doesn’t just have great internal parts. The skeleton is extremely durable, as well. Its American built construction consists of a heavy steel mesh covering the front and rear of the chassis. This not only gives the amp a great structure, but also allows the tubes to be air cooled.

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