Blackstar HT-5 5Watt

Blackstar HT Series HT-5H 5W Tube Guitar Amp Head BlackThe Blackstar HT-5 has taken the guitar world by storm! This 5 watt class A amp features one ECC83 preamp tube, and single 12BH7 power amp tube. This baby is packing tone, tone, and more great tube tone. Don’t let the five watts fool you either, it’s great for the studio, but it can handle the small stage and practice too!

The HT-5 is a footswitchable 2 channel amp with your standard clean channel and gain channel. What isn’t so ordinary is the patent-applied-for Infinite Shape Feature circuit. This gives you amazing control over the tone attributes that can take you from the American sound to the classic British sound. Anything from Van Halen tone to country chicken pickin can be achieved with this versatile little amp.

The Blackstar HT-5 series comes in 3 different amps, the HT-5H (head), the HT-5 combo with a single 1×10 Celestion speaker, and the HT-5S which is a the head with a single 1×10 Celestion cabinet. The HT-5 has a speaker emulated output with 1×12 or 4×12 voicing and an effects loop with an effects level switch. Best of all, this amp is affordable, very friendly pricing for such a great amp!

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Blackstar HT-5 Demo

Blackstar HT-5 5Watt Reviews

  1. Rock N Roll on 01.13.2010

    The Blackstar HT-5 is so worth every single penny. Very loud, and the sounds that come out of it are just gorgeous, crisp and thick. I got my Blackstar about 5 months ago and I still can’t get over this little power house.

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