Laney GH50L

The GH50L is a 50-watt head that can play everything from crisp cleans to crazy saturated distortion. The GH50L nails the classic hard rock sounds with sharp pick attack. It has Class A/B power and gets its sound from three ECC83 Preamp tubes and two EL34 Power tubes. A bias switch is standard on the GH50L, which allows you to use 6L6s if you prefer.
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Laney VC30 Class A

The Laney VC30 is a 30 watt combo amp that comes in three sizes: 1 x 12, 2 x 10, and 2 x 12. No matter the size, you are sure to get the classic British class A tone that so many guitarists are after. The VC30 comes standard with Premium ECC83 Preamp Valves, as well as Premium EL84 Power Valves.

A very wide range of guitar tones can be attained with this amp thanks to the Hi and Low input jacks, footswitchable Clean and Drive channels, three-band Equalization on the Drive channel, bright switch, and Master Reverb and Tone knobs.
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