Marshall JCM 600

The Marshall JCM600 is an all-tube, 60-Watt amplifier that gives you the classic Marshall sound, but comes stacked with all the features of a modern amplifier. This allows you to play with that distinctive Marshall tone but with the versatility of multiple amps in one. The JCM600 not only comes in head form, but also a (JCM601) 1×12 combo and a (JCM602) 2×12 combo.

The JCM600 uses two Svetlana EL34 power tubes and four ECC83 pre-amp tubes. It has two independent channels, Clean and Overdrive, and each channel has its own Reverb, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. A Master Presence control is accessible from the rear panel. Parallel and Series Effects Loops are both present on the JCM600, and the Parallel Loop has a rotary Mix control on the front panel.

As for speaker output, the Marshall JCM600 head has XLR D.I. output with Marshall Speaker Emulation. Marshall of course has a wide range of speaker cabinets available in angled and straight 1×12, 2×12, and 4×10 sizes. The JCM600 combos come stock with Celestion “Heritage” speakers.

The tones achieved through the JCM 600 are very reminiscent of its bigger brothers, the JCM 800 and JCM 900. So if you’re looking to pickup a great tube amp with the Marshall name, the distinct Marshall sound, and at a lower price range, the JCM 600 could very well be your answer.

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