Marshall JCM 800 2204

If you are looking for a solid, rock and roll amplifier, Marshall’s JCM800 2204 is for you! This 50-watt amp is very simple, but gives you a rock sound like you wouldn’t believe. It has only one channel, but its 3-band EQ, Presence control, and Pre-Amp Volume control allow you to dial in to your preferred rock tone.

The JCM800 2204 gets its sound from three ECC83 Pre-Amp valves and two EL34 Power Valves. This mixture of valves is what gives this amp its signature Marshall tone. Many have modded this amp to hold 5881’s, and 6L6’s as well. Unlike the original 2204, the re-issue has an effects loop with a bypass switch, which allows you to bypass the circuit so you don’t compromise your tone.

For classic rock and roll, and even metal, it’s hard to beat a Marshall JCM 800 2204. Leave your comments and reviews on the Marshall JCM 800 2204 below!

Marshall JCM 800 2204 Reviews

  1. Kuk999 on 03.18.2011

    Just bought an ’82 JCM 800 2204 and this thing is all about shakin’ your walls tone! I’m using a LutherDrive overdrive for leads and this thing rocks!!! 🙂

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